Celebrate Barrie Winners Announced

Early in 2018 a steering committee was struck with representation from the Barrie Woodworkers Club, SimCoLab, Firebird Community Cycle, the Barrie Public Library and the Creative Economy Department from the City of Barrie.

Since that time the steering committee has met every other week working collaboratively to determine the basic needs/requirements for the actual physical space, we’ve brainstormed on different trades/tools/machines we’d like to have in the space and we have entertained a couple of possible locations, though they are years down the road.

Separately but related, an Ontario Trillium Fund Grant Application was submitted in February, designed to provide some funding to hire a consultant or several students to research other Makerspaces, funding opportunities and overall business model creation. We will find out if we are successful sometime in July and have a job description and list of responsibilities/outcomes nearly finalized for posting should we be successful.

A name was selected by vote among the steering committee, a lot of different acronyms were thrown around, the one chosen is BRIX, short for the Barrie Region Innovation eXchange.

We have a website, which you can find here:¬†http://brix.work. It’s very bare-bones at the moment, but you can definitely share the page to ‘join’, which adds people to this very email list. The website will see updates over the summer months.

Our biggest outcome to date, is that at our last meeting an initial Board of Directors was struck and the steering committee was shut down. We are excited to learn about our Trillium grant, and have a back-up plan and solid Board in place to keep the momentum going.

We are looking for interested candidates/Organizations/groups who are makers and who would like to provide input into the direction BRIX takes over the next many years here in Barrie. All who make ‘stuff’ are welcome to contact us.

Thanks for reading, please definitely respond back if you have questions, comments or feedback. Also please share the link to join our email list http://brix.work/join

Now that you’ve made it all the way to the end, we’re so pleased to let: Robin A, Alexa S, Amanda O and Paola know that they’ve each won a hand carved pen which was made on-site at Celebrate Barrie by the Barrie Woodworking Club!

Congratulations to everyone.

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