BRIX is back at City Council

BRIX Needs your Support!

Barrie City Council is holding a special meeting on Monday March 9th at 5pm to re-consider the motion onĀ startupĀ funding for BRIX Community Makerspace.

We would appreciate support from everyone who knows how beneficial a makerspace and community partner hub can be for this City! We are asking for your help by emailing our City Councillors to make sure they understand what the City’s support of BRIX would mean to you. We have included the email addresses for each of the councillors at the end of this email.

We are also hoping to pack the Council chamber during the meeting to make it evident that there is broad support from the Community from a wide range of people. We would love if you could bring everyone you can to the City Council meeting at City Hall at 5pm on Monday March 9. If you are part of a group which has some sort of uniform or clothing etc. that shows you’re part of a group, and if it is appropriate for your group to be represented at the meeting, we believe that would be a great  way to represent your Organization. Groups and individuals could also make posters or signs to show support. We hope to have an overwhelming show of support that is impossible to ignore!

We know that getting to the meeting at 5pm might be difficult, but this is the best time to tell Council that you really want this to happen.

It would be great if you are planning on attending to let us know, so we can have a general idea of what to expect. Email and let us know!

Our group is so excited to be so close to making this happen and to get started on all the wonderful plans and programs we have developed to improve the Barrie Community better, and to show that BRIX works!

With gratitude,

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