A makerspace?

The “Barrie Makerspace” is being formed for the purpose of:

  •         Providing entrepreneurs requiring access to information technology, programming and construction facilities to develop, refine, construct prototypes and promote ideas and fledgling businesses
  •         Providing facilities for fledgling businesses allowing them to establish a foothold in their industry without having to face startup costs.
  •         Providing facilities for recreational makers to pursue their hobby in a community workshop environment

Partnerships in the Barrie Makerspace are open to those various disciplines –recreational or otherwise- that are in keeping with the overall objectives of the Barrie Makerspace objectives.

Membership in Barrie Makerspace is open to anyone[1] subject to satisfactorily displaying

  1. Competence and ability to meet the safety standards established for the tools and equipment the member seeks to use.


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